Annual Memorial Trophy

East Liverpool RDA awards a Memorial trophy in recognition of efforts by riders or volunteers for the previous year. The award is presented annually by Carole Burns the Group Treasurer and her daughter Natalie Burns, the Head Coach of the Group. The Bill Burns Memorial Trophy was created in memory of Carole’s late husband Billy who held a love for horses and was a huge fan and supporter of Natalie’s competition in the industry and her horses. Billy was a huge part in the foundation of Natalie and Carole getting into the saddle at the start and he would be so proud of where we are now!

Carole and Natalie are delighted to be able to award the winner of this award for outstanding efforts and achievement within our Group each year.

The 2018 winner of the award… Amie Du Busson Spargo .

Amie has shown tremendous courage and resilience in returning to riding following numerous stays at hospital, clinical complications and confidence setbacks.
The easy option would have been for Amie to not ride at Nationals in 2018, however she showed determination to train and dedicated her time to continue to coach, volunteer and fundraise to support the Group. Amie really has supported Natalie and the Group massively.

A note from Natalie-
Amie has been a huge support to our Group through a busy transitional period, it was certainly a testing ride not to mention her personal and medical problems.
“Amie thank you for being a friend, fellow coach and dedicated volunteer you are amazing. Thank you for being at the other end of the call ”

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