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Volunteers are essential in every area of RDA life. From coaches to cake bakers, people support RDA in many different ways – and we always need more. Whatever skills you can bring, giving your time to your local RDA group will mean that more disabled people can enjoy the therapy and fun of horses.

Volunteering with RDA should be rewarding and fulfilling – and we want you to benefit from your time with us. Our award-winning programme of volunteer training means it’s not just our participants who get the chance to learn and achieve their goals.

We welcome volunteers of 12 and over, there is no upper age limit and we need a wide range of skills – not just with horses. RDA is a diverse organisation and we are at our best when we bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the RDA family.

How You Can Get Involved

Call +44 7841 189042 to get Involved Or Donate to support us

Volunteer Program

East Liverpool RDA is entirely run by dedicated volunteers. We were formed in late 2017 and use a private, idilic stable yard as our base set in merseyside.
The disabled children that we help have many and varied disabilities. Some are physically disabled, some have special educational needs such as autism, and some ride to benefit them in mental health or varied physical ways.

Riding improves core strength, toning, balance, stimulates their learning skills and gives them confidence. They benefit, physically, mentally and socially from interacting with the horses and communicating with the volunteers as well as forming friendships with other riders. Their visits to the stables are the highlight of their week. Our sessions are a valuable aspect of many peoples timetables.

Charity Fund

Your donation can help us to continue our efforts, recruit more volunteers, purchase specialist equipment and source suitable horses to deliver this therapy. Please give what you can. 

We are always looking for volunteers from helping with riders, the rides or the horse care to fundraising, admin and event organisation! If we haven’t mentioned a role to suit you we will create one! Call us to get involved, we promise you will love it!

Volunteer of the Year

We are delighted to have Nia as part of our volunteer team at East Liverpool RDA. WELL DONE NIA – click the video to find out more about why she was awarded for her efforts volunteering.


Learn new skills

Make a difference

Make new friends

Be part of a team

Enjoy the outdoors
(and keep fit!)

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